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Aki Brightcaster in usual attire.

Aki Brightcaster is a weak mage who currently resides in Magnolia, in its' water tower. Her nickname is "The Pink Mage", due to her pink dress, or "Weak Sky".


Not much is known of Aki Brightcaster, except that she is a weak mage, and often referred to it. She is currently the Grand Master of Dark Unicorn, her illegal dark guild. She often uses her favorite phrases such as in battle; "Dark Ecriture: Darkness!" to activate her darkness magic. She currently has two other magics, including Darkness, Solid Script, and various kinds of Letter Magic. She is a fangirl to yaoi, and often ships many of the Grand Masters of guilds, and spreads it to many S-Class Mages and Mages. Her combat skills are poor, therefore her using magic 3/4 of the battle.


Her current Partnership within Dark Unicorn is Vladmir Lykos, the co-Grand Master of Dark Unicorn in case if she dies. Other members, Kyla Dragneel (Center, Left) and Solomon Haruaki (Center, Right)


Vladmir Lykos at Magnolia.


Kyla Dragneel (Left), Solomon Haruaki (Right)

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